Upon the creation of a flat business world as a result of technological advances, globalization and rapid movement of human capital, multinational companies and local conglomerates alike would not only restrict themselves in identifying talents from one single market. A multi-country consulting network supported by local market knowledge remains the critical success factor in present and future executive search business. The leadership issue, placed well below P&L and revenue generation in the past, has earned its place in the agenda of Board Meetings. Identifying the right individual who would not only perform as a true leader but also blend into the company culture under a rapidly changing business climate has never been an easy task even to the most savvy management guru of our age.

Working from a deep global relationship with our clients on a solid platform established by our understanding of their needs and requirements, the local networks, which have been forged by our executive search professionals over the years of their relentless pursue of excellence in tying the knots between senior executives and our clients, constitute our commitment to perform what we have asked to do without the limitation of working under a highly matriced hierarchical structure.


The future will bring industries we cannot imagine and jobs which we lack the vocabulary to describe. Product cycles that once lasted five years are now shrunk to 18 months, and multinationals have to respond in kind, quickly ramping up and then dismantling a product's worldwide production. In the years to come, we will see many businesses failing because they have not planned ahead for the talent shortage and are unable to find the executives they need to run their global business. This is not a cyclical trend, as we have seen in the past. This time the talent crunch is here for real and is going to last for decades to come.

"Turning a passion

            into service excellence."

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