Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of using Vision Partners as a search consultant versus the international players?

While we do not have a global presence like the international firms do, Vision Partners is a niche player which was founded to focus on extending personalized services and be more responsive to our clients. We strive to provide the well-deserved high quality executive search services to our clients through thoroughly understanding the clients' needs followed by tailor-made recruitment approach. As we are a privately owned independent organization, we would be objective and dedicated in creating value through the referral of top-notch candidates to match the requirements of our clients.

What kind of value can Vision Partners add to an assignment?

As a professional search firm with a mission to attract the "right" candidates for our client's immediate and future needs, Vision Partners approaches every assignment with our 4 "i-values" - integrity, ingenuity, influence and insight. Instead of only matching the requirements and what a candidate could offer, we are able to extend consultancy services in making the search assignment part of our client's manpower strategy.

What are your specialized areas?

We have a diversified business portfolio covering financial services sector including banks, insurance companies as well as FMCG, apparel, high tech, local conglomerates and entertainment companies. In terms of functions, we have had numerous opportunities in serving our clients in the areas of human resources, sales and marketing, finance, general and operations management.

What is your pricing structure?

Based on the belief in our capability to successfully place the "right" candidate into our client's organization, Vision Partners works on a contingency basis where professional fees are only collected as and when the assignment is completed successfully. Of course, out-of-pocket costs like travel and accommodation expenses out of Hong Kong or Shanghai would be charged on a reimbursable basis with prior permission from our client.

How do you intend to assist us in regional search assignment if you do not have a presence outside of your three destined offices? Doesn't the lack of international presence limit your database and therefore your network of candidates?

Given the direct search nature of our business, the process of searching for potential candidates in countries outside of Hong Kong would be exactly the same as those based in Hong Kong. According to our standard procedure of identifying suitable candidates, we would sample the target universe through a thorough research exercise and approach every qualified candidate before meeting up in person. As such, the client would not be deprived of any potential individuals by not contacting them through a pro-active method. The absence of an international presence would not only extend our reach in outside of our established markets would be exactly the same as those based in those countries.

Can you guarantee a "free replacement"?

While it is uncommon for us to "replace" a candidate whom we have placed into an organization after the clients had spent a considerable time and effort in hiring the successful candidate, we do respect the need of our client to fill the position in short notice. Hence, we would endeavor to replace the exit candidate with no extra cost on a case-by-case basis.

Given your contingency nature, would your clients be sharing the same candidate database?

No, all search assignments are unique and we put great emphasis on the trust which our candidates have placed in us. Potential candidates would only be presented to our clients as and when they are being informed about the nature of the position under search. No two clients of ours will receive the same candidate profile during the search cycle at any one time.

You state in your profile that you are "regionally focused", how is that supported organizationally? Do you have affiliates? Do you do joint assignments?

We have conducted in excess of 1,000 executive search assignments for over 100 clients in 15 countries since the inception of Vision Partners. With the Asia Pacific regional offices of our clients mostly located in Hong Kong and China, we have managed to act on their behalf in searching for suitable candidates all over Asia either for their regional offices or for local needs in respective markets. No, we do not use affiliates or perform joint assignments with another firm. It is our belief that every executive search assignment deserves its confidentiality and personalized attention from briefing to completion stage. Leaving part of the "process" to an outside party would not only lengthen the time spent on completing the assignment but also do our clients injustice by providing a totally different set of service standards.

Being a small business, how are you able to provide the specialization needed to meet the diverse requirements of your clients?

Despite having a small team of specialists while each of them cover key practice areas, Vision Partners takes pride in its research capability and dedication. Hence, our client list is strategically selected so that we are positioned to serve only the leaders in their own respective fields.